high park

[sound / max 8 / jitter / video]

a couple days before halloween I spent some time in high park recording its various sounds, listening to my own sounds moving through it. the last time I had been there was before covid started. things were so different then, it is a bit painful to behold. still, the leaves were so vibrant and the trees remained the same.

apparently my parents and I lived in an apartment near the park for a couple years when I was a baby, before we moved to mississauga and before their marriage slowly fell apart. my mom told me she would often take me on walks through the park. though I can’t remember it, I think I miss being in a stroller—being able to move through the world as not yet a person, feeling held, feeling adventurous. we should probably just give each other stroller walks at any age.

all sounds and images were recorded in high park on october 28 2020.